Ajeet Sodhi, MD

Stroke Neurologist, Neuro-intensivist, & Neuro-interventionalist
Director, Neuro Critical Care

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Dr. Sodhi is the Director of Neuro Critical Care at California Institute of Neuroscience.

A desire to help the less fortunate and a love of the intricacies and possibilities of the developing and burgeoning field of neuroscience led Dr. Ajeet Sodhi to seek training in Neurology after graduating from the Medical College of Virginia.

This directly led to further subspecialty training in three successive fellowships, in Stroke and Vascular disease, Neurocritical Care, and Neurointerventional Endovascular Surgery.

Today, he practices with like-minded, forward thinking neurologic specialists in collaboration to provide the most advanced, evidenced-based, and specialized care possible to patients with some of the most complex neurologic problems in the world.

Dr. Sodhi is known for his excellent communication abilities, and emphasizes the importance of having patients and family understanding of all aspects of their care. He is often complemented on his capacity to present challenging information to patients in understandable terms.

In addition to his neurologic subspeciality training, Dr. Sodhi has a significant interest in in the new field of neuroregeneration and unorthodox therapies, especially for conditions in which current treatments are limited.

In his spare time, Dr. Sodhi enjoys spending time with his family, enjoying nature, and reading.